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Microcode Dubai provides Executive Search and Recruitment Services for clients in UAE & GCC Region.

Microcode having its offices in Chicago (Headquarters), USA & Bengaluru, India, specialises in the placement of highly skilled professionals with a wide range of companies, has extended its operations in Middle East. Our industry expertise and experienced recruitment consultants can help you find professionals who possess precisely the skills needed to advance your business. Our passion is working with high calibre job seekers and helping them to find meaningful job opportunity that satisfies their career and life aspirations.


We have developed a highly specialised recruitment services which are focussed around our clients' needs, providing not only the most qualified candidates but also those who are the best fit for the company and position.

One of the key aspects of our recruitment services is the quality team of consultants that are here to work with your business. With a wealth of experience in the recruitment industry our consultants fully understand the needs of their clients and know the challenges, competition and the current market situation. This deep understanding of the industry and dedication to customer satisfaction is just one aspect that differentiates us from our competitors.

Executive Search

We specialise in custom built search and selection solutions and work with our clients to identify the very best Professionals in the global market through thorough research and market mapping. Detailed discussions are held with all key stakeholders so the assigned Search Team are aware of the technical requirements of each role and fully understand the organisation, its culture, challenges and vision to ensure there is a lasting fit and the attractions of the role are fully understood.

Within niche areas of markets and at a senior level, the executive search function is becoming an increasingly important part of business capabilities throughout the region. Our Consultants are experts in their chosen sector who add value through extensive market knowledge and a proven track record of success.

We believe in simple, honest solutions where our structured search processes deliver the best within the most expedient time scale.

Our recruitment process is designed to ensure that candidates, whether sourced from the UAE or overseas, are assessed on their merits and abilities, and selected according to the specific needs of you, the client.

We work closely with our Clients to ensure we understand their organisation and working culture, infrastructure and objectives, and their specific requirements. Job descriptions or briefs will be taken for each individual vacancy, if necessary from the existing job description or developed with the recruiter.

We believe in simple, honest solutions where our structured search processes deliver the best within the most expedient time scale.

Information required:

•  Job Role/Function

•  Reporting structure

•  Interview Procedure

•  Technical ability

•  Previous experience

•  Educational background

•  Languages required

•  Team skills

•  Personal Specification

•  Salary guidelines

•  Benefits package

•  Work timings

Recruitment Services


Microcode specializes in a number of different verticals including


IT and Telecom



Oil and Gas

Real Estate

Sales and Marketing

Retail & FMCG

Whether we are recruiting for high level Executives and Senior Managers or Office Juniors and Assistants there should be no room for error. Our Recruitment Consultants are highly experienced and regularly take the time to keep themselves up to date in the sectors that they specialise in. Our Recruitment Consultants spend the time to get to know the companies that they work with to ensure that they fully understand what companies are looking for. They understand that companies use us to save them time as well as to find the right people for the job and as a result they make sure that any candidates they put forward not only possess the required skills but will also fit in with the company and the team they are to work in.



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